Why Did You Decide to Offer Distribution Services?

The many changes in the publishing industry--both positive and negative--have created a need for additional options for Small Publishers. Based on our experience in working so successfully with Small Publishers, we took a good hard look at our services, our capabilities, our resources, our staff, and our warehouse space and decided that we could do better. Ingram chose us to be a distributor to focus on Small Presses with 10 or fewer titles.

Who and What Is BCH Fulfillment and Distribution?

The Small Press Fulfillment and Distribution service was formed to meet the demand of author-publishers for a simpler, really more efficient way of handling their orders. BCH now represents over 600 Small Press clients.

Will BCH Have a Catalog?

Our website is our catalog.

Will BCH Fulfillment Clients Automatically Become BCH Distribution Clients?

No. However, we welcome all Small Publishers to apply for distribution representation. One benefit for BCH Fulfillment clients: we already have copies of your books in our warehouse and have most of your current information. Your applications, if accepted, will be processed quickly, thus getting you into our systems and then into the national accounts and databases more quickly.

How Do I Apply?

Print out the Submission Form and mail it to us along with the other requested documents. If we don't have your books already, you'll need to send a copy with your submission form.

What Requirements Must My Company Meet to Be Represented by BCH?

As with all other wholesalers and distributors, every book represented by BCH must meet publishing industry production standards and must have its own ISBN and Bookland EAN bar code. The price must be printed or stickered on the back cover and the title imprinted on the spine of the book. We also need to know what your marketing plans are for each title. Our review committee will then review each eligible title and evaluate the potential sales for the book. Please be sure to include all applicable information that will help us see your vision of where your book will fit into the marketplace and the size of its potential audience.

Will BCH Market or Promote My Book?

Distribution is a team effort. BCH will represent your book to Ingram and others. You--the publisher--will be responsible for driving traffic to the stores via your promotional efforts. BCH's Web site can provide additional promotional assistance. The more consumer demand you create for your product, the more books that will be sold.

What's the Next Step?

Send in your submission form and book (if we don't already have it) and we'll contact you. Please send your submission to

BCH Fulfillment & Distribution
33 Oakland Ave
Harrison, NY 10528.

What If I Already Have Agreements with Wholesalers?

If you are accepted as a BCH distribution publisher client, you will have to notify them that BCH will be your vendor of record. You may, however, continue your relationships with Quality and/or Unique Books for the library market.

What's the Difference Between BCH's Fulfillment and Distribution Services?

On behalf of our current fulfillment clients, we fill and ship orders. The publishers--not BCH--have a direct relationship with wholesalers and bookstores.

On behalf of our new Distribution clients, BCH will handle the relationships with wholesalers and bookstores. Specifically, we will warehouse your books, take orders from wholesalers and bookstores, fulfill those orders, bill and collect monies, and process returns. More importantly, BCH can get you into Ingram if you qualify.

What about Other Sales and Accounts?

BCH encourages all its publisher clients to pursue other sales avenues, including non-book retail outlets (for example, specialty and premium sales, as well as gift stores and catalogs).

Other questions? Please fax (914-835-0398) or e-mail Diane Musto .