An Allie Armington Mystery

by Louise Gaylord

There's a Bad Apple in the Big Apple
The trouble started with a call from her sister, a supermodel, in New York City. The next thing she knew, Allie Armington, young, bright, successful and slightly bored Texas attorney, was on a plane to the Big Apple. It was downhill from there. Beautiful women are showing up dead, neat X marks carved in their breasts with almost surgical precision. Chilling enough in the abstract, but made all too real when Allie's sister's roommate turns up among them
In a New York minute, Allie's up to her eyeballs in an NYPD sting operation targeting mega-rich men hosting parties in a secluded castle on the exclusive Jersey shore, complete with masks, mysterious monikers, models and mischief of the carnal and chemical kind. winning author of Anacacho, first in the Allie Armington Mystery series. A world traveler and opera buff, Louise divides her time between Houston, Texas; Montecito, California; and Old Forge, New York in the Adirondacks. Louise is currently at work on the third book in the Allie abduction. Just as things get really dangerous, enter Uvalde, Texas's ex-Sheriff Bill Cotton, Allie's long lost heartthrob, in Ivy League apparel and minus the Texas drawl.
From the Rich Boys' club to the mysterious Sigrid Hale, there are surprises galore. Once again Allie demonstrates her incredible ability to get into trouble. Let's hope she's as good at getting out if it.

ISBN 978097202274
267 pages

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