Real Hope & Practical Help for Parents Today

by Mark Gregston

At the end of your rope with your teen? Terrified of the teen horror stories you hear from other parents?

Itís not easy to be a teenager today, and itís even more challenging to parent teens effectively. Teens face changes in the culture, epidemic levels of social problems, and often develop a real sense of despair that can lead to self-harm, depression, addiction, rebellion and sexual promiscuity. These behaviors donít just hurt your teens: they affect everyone in the family.
When your teen acts out, it doesnít mean he is a ďbadĒ kid. And it doesnít mean you are ďbadĒ parents. Great families of all shapes, sizes, values, and income levels find the teen years a challenge. The trick is learning how to love and stand by your teen without accepting the bad behaviors.
In When Your Teen is Struggling, author Mark Gregston shares insights, wisdom, and tips for every parent facing hard times with their teen. Mark has taken lessons learned at the boarding school he runs in East Texas-which has served more than 3000 troubles teens- and turned them into practical advice in this best-selling book.
Want your teens to turn around? To embrace a healthy lifestyle, make mature choices, and lead productive adult lives? Then grab hold of this book and donít let go. Read it, underline it, and put these principles into practice. You and your teen will be glad you did as you turn your teenís struggles into their greatest successes!

Mark Gregston is the founder and executive director of Heartlight, a residential counseling facility for adolescents in crisis. He is a popular radio host of Parenting Todayís Teen and speaker and leads parenting seminars across the country. He and his wife, Jan, have served families and counseled youth for more than 40 years. They have two grown children and four grandchildren,

ISBN 9780997834734
312 pages

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