by Roberta Crawford

Roberta Crawford is best-known for her crusading work to educate the public and the medical community about Iron Overload Disease, but she's also an extremely talented mystery writer. In this book, she combines those two passions. The plot begins, not surprisingly, with a tabloid reporter on the trail of a major killer disease ticking away unnoticed in a million Americans. It twists and turns, in grand mystery fashion, to a crystal-eyed innocent, M'Lura, being held against her will in a penthouse high above pleasure-struck South Florida. Her captors smuggle drugs, and they need M'Lura to star in their projected Disney-like fantasy sex ring. Meanwhile, the disease keeps ticking . . . ticking . . . ticking.
If you're a mystery fan, don't shy away from this one just because it contains important information for the real world. As best-selling novelist Clive Cussler commented, it's "a spellbinding and moving mystery based on mankind's least known disease. Intrigue and treachery on a grand scale. A read you won't forget. It may even save your life."
At only $16.95, this well-produced hardcover book is an excellent value.

ISBN 9780963254726
380 pages

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