Deep Coma - The Trilogy The Final Edition

by Dr. Bijaoui & Judith Bijou

The author was 18 and living in the South of France when pronounced dead after a motorcycle accident. She survived. A couple of years later, she moved to the United States and tried to forget it. But there are things in life that one cannot forget. Finally, she admitted what she wanted once to disregard.
The reasons of her survival and recovered physical and mental faculties became her secret search. She found seven reasons or elements. Some of those elements started in her early childhood in Tunisia, orientating the two first books of this Trilogy as a memoir. The third part is an analysis of The Seven Elements.
The author wishes to transmit a message of hope and healing to individuals affected by a disease, a condition, or an accident; hope also intended to their families.
Dr. Bijaoui researched each element within a scientific approach. This format also suggests further research to generalize the effects of those elements to individuals in a coma or suffering from serious conditions.

ISBN 9780962534922
272 pages

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