Free Cruise to America, All Expenses Paid

by Dr. Naomi Cooper Ro'berson

The Demons That Divide America is an intense story about racism and greed in America. This book gives details of a powerful story that reveals the raw, uncut truth about racism in America and how after years of slavery, many African Americans are still not able to acquire some of the wealth that their ancestors worked so hard for while enduring suffering and torture. The story creates awareness of exploitation of human beings and how American businesses has prospered from free labor and free wealth for banks, corporations, universities, and individuals thereby creating “Industrialized Racism” and 21st Century “Systemic Racism.” Other nationwide concerns are racial profiling, police brutality, modern day lynching of African American men, terrorism, unemployment, housing discrimination, welfare, drugs, gang wars, violent crimes, and massacres. The book also recognizes some prominent African Americans such as President Barack Obama, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ms. Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Tyler Perry, and the lynching of the late Emmett Till. This is a “Must Read” Novel that reveals the forgotten truth.

ISBN 9780578186337
289 pages

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