Achieving the Life You Deserve

by Barbara Joye

The Creating Formula Achieving the Life you Deserve Have you ever wondered why some individuals are able to create incredible dynamic lives and others are not? Are you one of those still seeking the formula to create a dynamic life? The Creating Formula is the bridge from Potential and Possibilities to Application and Action; it is the step-by-step process from the non-linear process to a linear process, from your conceptual goal to your actual achievement; it is your formula to creating the life you desire and deserve. Are you ready to create such a life? The Creating Formula - C = (Ec x Fp x LoA/DT) x Ai3 is the formula for creating the life you desire and deserve. Within this writing are the beliefs to hold in each of area of The Formula and how to shift into those beliefs. Are you ready to step into your creating self and create the life you desire?

ISBN 9780971736702
286 pages

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