1000 Words towards Spelling Success

by Susan C. Anthony

Research shows that 90% of all English text consists of just 1000 words! Do you want to see improved spelling in your students' first draft writing? With a clear focus, strong teaching, and patience, it can happen! Spelling Plus is a focused yet flexible approach to teaching spelling in a crowded curriculum. Its focus on the most commonly used and misspelled words ensures that students of all ability levels receive intensive instruction on core words. Its flexibility allows gifted spellers to go far beyond the core to reach their full potential.
This reproducible book contains:

-Fascinating facts about the history of spelling in the English language.
-1000-word core list divided into 69 ready-to-use lists with lesson suggestions.
-A few recommended teaching techniques which systematically review core words and lead to mastery and transfer into writing.
-A step-by-step checklist for getting started.
-Teacher resource materials, including handouts for communicating with parents and a Word Bank of words in patterns.

ISBN 978187978206
168 pages

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