Breaking Free by Facing Yourself

by Christopher D. Coleman

After the trauma of not breathing for fifteen minutes at birth, doctors gave Christopher Coleman no hope for a normal life. Because of the severity of damage caused by the lack of oxygen to his brain, it was said that Christopher would be imprisoned by his body and would never move, walk, or talk.

Facing the struggles and challenges of cerebral palsy head-on, he has beaten all the odds. From teaching himself to read, to becoming the first of his family of seven to graduate from college, Christopher Coleman has overcome adversity by confronting the mind, heart, and soul of who he is. Today, Christopher is a professional keynote speaker who has traveled all over the world motivating, challenging, and encouraging people to find freedom by living beyond their circumstances.

“From a wheelchair, I have observed people avoiding issues I had to face. The one question I continue to be asked is, ‘In your condition, how can you enjoy your life ... when I am so miserable in mine?’”

In an attempt to answer that question, Christopher Coleman invites you on a deeply personal journey to Solitary Refinement: 31 Days to Freedom. Learn from his triumphant experience and discover how to have joy and peace through the circumstances you may be trying to avoid.

Courageous and uncompromising, this book will change and liberate your life ... but only if you accept the challenge within these pages to fully uncover and encounter the truth about yourself.

ISBN 9780615241203
14.99 pages

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