Achieving universal healthcare by restoring the health of the generations to come

by Debi Waldeck

For author Debi Waldeck, saving… ‘generation next’ began as a journey asking questions and seeking answers to the dramatic increase in chronic illness and autoimmune disease. Today’s medical model does not offer sufficient explanations for the increases. It is time to ask questions and offer discussions and theories to propose answers and solutions. Before the issues of universal healthcare can truly be resolved, two things must occur: 1-Identify who is ultimately responsible for health 2-Come to a consensus of "what is optimal health?" With such a dramatic increase in chronic disease, the question that has yet to be answered is why? Is it the high power lines, pollution, silver fillings, vaccinations or stress? In fact, the titanic did not sink because of an iceberg rather the titanic sank because people failed to heed the warning signs of the impending disaster. What if you knew that conditions as minor as asthma, eczema or allergies are red flags and warning signs of impending problems? People with these conditions and autoimmune disease have an immune system that is hyperactive. However, no one knows why. The reality is that a lymph node on the neck represents part of the immune system. Yet 70% of the immune system lies along the intestinal track. The way the intestinal track is developed will determine whether you have a hyperactive or normal immune system. Restoring your health, and saving...‘generation next’ involves improving your immune system by understanding the relationship between the intestinal tract and overall health. Let us go back to the beginning and create the optimal foundation of health by restoring a normal functioning immune system. Disease is not a mystery once you understand how the development of the immune system coincides with the development of the intestinal tract!

ISBN 9781890427511
423 pages

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