A Grandson's Promise Fulfilled

by Lowell Teal

Derek Davidsons was reared in South Georgia. His father owned a third-rate beer joint that boasted: the coldest beer in Georgia. His mother was a saintly woman who had an outside job to subsidize her husband's failing attempt at being a businessman. Mrs. Davidson also recognized musical talent in her son Derek. She insisted he take piano and voice lessons to develop his talent, sacrificing much so that he could do so. With a scholarship and her continuing to work, Derek was able to finish college. Working for the Gregson Family Foundation and the Productive Life Foundation, Derek emerges as the public face and primary entertainer for both. Acclaimed nationwide as an accomplished musical performer and in constant demand, he remains on the move from ballrooms to churches to annual corporate meetings and upscale assisted living facilities. His national status as an entertainer is such that media follows along to report his antics and successes. He produces headlines like Texas Rodeo Revival and Entertainer Stuns Clergy. From media reports and spectacular performances, Derek is able to successfully initiate interest in the outreach of the foundations, resulting in new and different opportunities for genuine altruism. Few who are entertained ever realize his mission but respond to his influence and requests.

ISBN 9781886939813
371 pages

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