How I found Out Who I Am

by Merv Needell, M.D.

Probing Darkness Finding Light is a novel, a fable and a mystery interwoven into one manís story. That man is Walt. Yet it may be Everymanís story, for who hasnít wondered who he is, where he is going and what is the purpose of life?

Walt dreams that he embarks on a quest to find answers: Who am I? He encounters portals, doors that lead him to discover what matters in his life. Inside other doors he is faced with exotic temptations.

Entering a vast mountain range, Walt sees a mountain trail. Looking up, he makes out glimmers of light and begins to understand that answers to his quest may lie at the peak. He struggles up the mountain trail, rejecting offerings by zealots and promoters, until he reaches a sanctuary at the top.

Walt meets a hooded monk, Namey. There in the monastic refuge, Walt and Namey have daily conversations, probing values and beliefs.

In time, Namey guides Walt to dare to delve into his soul for answers to questions that plague him. When Walt responds, he finds his answers.

Eager to return home, Walt descends the mountain trail when a violent storm erupts. A terrible accident occurs.

ISBN 9781568251592
312 pages

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