by Nancy K. Arnold

Nancy Arnold has done it again with her delightful followup to the
award-winning children's book "Patriotic Pups." "Pioneer Pups" is the story
of the adventures of four lively pets who accompany their human family on
the dangerous journey to the Texas frontier. Along the way, Sweetie, Star,
Slip, Scout, and their parents Bonny and Davy prove themselves to be
essential companions through their courageous acts and loving ways. Written
in an engaging rhyming verse, "Pioneer Pups" teaches elementary-aged
children about the age of westward expansion in American history and about
the lives of the pioneers who braved the wilderness to help our country
grow. The book is a useful tool for teachers of younger children and an
entertaining read for older elementary-school children. "Pioneer Pups"
includes 50 charming illustrations by Ellen Berger.

"Kids will love this adventurous talke of wagon train life during the 1850s.
Nancy Arnold's book is a fun way to introduce children to the courage and
sacrifices of those great pioneers who helped settle the west."
‹Janine Turner, actress, founder and co-chair of Constituting America,
author of "A Little Bit Vulnerable: On Hollywood, God, Sobriety & Politics."

"As an educator, I love the fact that Nancy Arnold's newest book, 'Pioneer
Pups,' hits on all academic cylinders by combining history, social studies,
and language arts. But as a reader, I love being swept up in the story, and
children will love it too. It has adventure, it has puppies, and it rhymes!"
‹Mary-margaret Belota, author of "Meeting Halfway, Poems of faith, love, and

ISBN 9781935089742
96 pages

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