by Marilyn Smith Porter

A rock star, a writer and... a love affair.

The beginning of a good story, or the end?

The rock star died many years ago and the writer, Tess OConnor, has moved on with her life and is now a famous author who has fallen on hard times. One spectacular night, she stumbles upon a slightly familiar and intriguing man with silver hair in a San Francisco restaurant. What is his story? What is this mans secret, the one he has been keeping from the world for forty years? Tess makes it her business to find out. The answers to the mystery might be just the thing she neeeds to resurrect her dying career... and her eventless life.
But discovering the secret is not going to be as easy as Tess imagines. A creepy gothic mansion on the Monterrey coast, a crumbling piece of paper with a list of names, and a quirky cast of characters straight out of a fairy tall all pieces of the mysterious puzzle that stands between Tess OConnor and the truth. When the pieces fall together, the lives of everyone involved will change.

Once More is more than a simple love story with a once upon a time beginning and a predictable happily ever after ending. It goes where no one else has dared to go before, and it goes on softly falling footsteps. Be prepared to be awed by the velvet hammer of reality, for nothing is as it seems in the book that attempts to answer the ultimate what if question for all of those who have accepted the inevitable ends of our rock icons.

Maybe we didnt have to.

ISBN 9781935089575
384 pages

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