by Kathleen Newberg

When retired Columbia, SC, detective Molly May accepts an invitation from her old friend, Erika Bischoff, for a complimentary, week-long visit to the Clareton Manor Wellness Spa, she never suspects she'll be back to sleuthing by the second day. Financially challenged Erika recently opened the rural upstate South Carolina spa, which promotes relaxation and stress reduction to a well-heeled clientele. But this week the wealthy, obnoxious and self-centered guest, Harvey Ruger, is ruining the experience for everyone, and he couldn't care less. The guests were shocked, but a few of them not truly surprised, when Ruger is found murdered in his room.

The small town chief detective is called in but is shadowed by Molly, who exposes other crimes as she covertly sorts the convoluted clues to Ruger's murder. So disliked was Ruger that suspects abound and include the spa guests and staff, Clareton townsfolk—and even Molly's friend, Erika Bischoff. Highly regarded state-wide for her detective prowess, Molly May is a student of human nature. She knows that there is good and bad in everyone and that, ninety-nine percent of the time, it's best not to tell all you know.

ISBN 9781568251059
203 pages

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