How to Attract a Steady Stream of Happy Clients, Make More Money and Live Your Dream

by Debra Jason Foreword by Joel Comm

Do you want to achieve top-of-mind awareness in the marketplace and have a steady stream of loyal, raving fans flocking to you? Are you frustrated because you think you have to spend a lot to get it?

If you answered, "Yes," Debra Jason understands your concerns. It can be overwhelming to invest in your business and spend a lot to get yourself up and running, only to scratch your head wondering, "Why isn't anyone calling me?"

The good news is that you can market yourself and your business--in more ways than one--without breaking the bank.

This book is your road map to gaining exposure and achieving success using cost-effective, business-building strategies. Turn the pages and discover:

* One simple step you can take that leads to referrals & new business (page 61).
* The most fun way to market yourself--without a hard-core sales pitch (page 73).
* One way to find prospects from the comfort of your home--in your PJs or sweats (page 177).
* How to write headlines that go ka-ching (page 225).
* And more.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? It's time to step outside your comfort zone and succeed in business in YOUR business.

Get ready for the journey as Debra guides you toward marketing success.

ISBN 9781940984711
262 pages

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