Confessions of a Novice Math Teacher in the Bronx

by Ric Klass

Ric Klass' varied career ultimately led him to become an urban high school math teacher. His book, Man Overboard, chronicles the sad, comical, frustrating and occasionally frightening daily routine endured by a change-of-career do-gooder. Klass's portrayal of his "Crash and Burn" attempts to help underprivileged inner city kids is inspiring. Despite the tortuous obstacles inflicted by school administrators, the little darlings themselves, and his own uncontrolled anger--Klass eventually finds salvation for himself and some of his students. A candid tale, Man Overboard, will take you on an eye-opening ride into our misguided public educational system. You'll find out why our schools don't succeed and why only teachers who are a little overboard themselves jump into the fray.

ISBN 9781931643863
282 pages

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