The Hoodoo of Peckerwood Finch

by Jerome Mark Antil

“Jerome Mark Antil's Mamma's Moon does for Acadiana what Truman Capote did for Tiffany's or Tennessee Williams did for streetcars. This is a novel about a lot of things, including sex, crime, life, and death. But most of all, it's a novel about hope and about love."

This novel, Mamma's Moon, is a sequel to the novel, One More Last Dance. It stands alone as an entirely self-contained story, but for those of you who may not have read the earlier novel, I include here a brief description of the main characters and of the events that preceded this story.

A bond that can only happen on a dance floor happened in a cafe off Frenchman Street among four unlikely characters.

Aging Captain Gabriel Jordan, retired, was given two months to live, three months before he met “Peck”―Boudreau Clemont Finch―a groundskeeper of his hospice on Bayou Carencro, Louisiana. It was at the hospice that Gabe told Peck his dream of seeing the Newport Jazz Festival before he died. They became friends, and Peck offered to help grant his wish by taking him there.

Less than a year before the events in Mamma's Moon, Gabe and Peck wandered into Charlie's Blue Note, where the music was live and mellow and the dancing warm and sensual.

Here they encountered two extraordinary women, Sasha, a real estate agent in New Orleans's posh Garden District, and her best friend, Lily Cup, a criminal attorney: and amid the music, the dancing, the food, the flirting, and the cigar smoke, the four formed an unusual and lasting friendship that would see them each through a series of crises, disappointments, life-threatening situations, and moments of great joy and satisfaction.

In this sequel novel to One More Last Dance – young Cajun French Peck goes from illiterate to earning his GED in nine months in New Orleans. His love, Millie, wants to meet a mother she doesn't know and Peck isn't sure he even has. His best friend, Gabe, who is fighting a skirmish with the law, takes the time to encourage his friend to go find the truth. Peck decides to learn the truth about his past and to find his real mamma. His traveling into dangerous unknown roads back into the swamps and bayous to find the truth are a touching, heartwarming adventure.

ISBN 9781752632103
270 pages

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