Rediscovering The Principles That Will Guarantee Your Success

by Melvin J. Gravely, II, Ph.D.

Fenton Rice is an entrepreneur challenged by, what he believes is, the obstacle to his success in business. A threatening letter from the bank confirms his beliefs and suddenly throws him into a fierce fight for his entrepreneurial life. Frustrated and unsure what to do next, Fenton is introduced to his last hope, wise, old Hugh Belden. Hugh challenges everything Fenton once thought was true about business, about himself and about success. Fenton then uses the principles he has learned to start his comeback, but the bad news just keeps coming. Is it too late for Fenton? Can he overcome the obstacles in his way? The Lost Art of Entrepreneurship is a fast paced story of challenge, action and inspiration. The lessons are practical and relevant to almost to almost every business situation.

The lessons here are real and what Fenton learned, you'll want to know.

ISBN 9780965619455
96 pages

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