A Guide for Parents, Educators and Physicians

by Addie Cusimano

Statistical reports indicate that 1.2 million students in the USA are high school dropouts and that 2.7 million public school students nationwide have been identified as learning disabled. Fifty percent of all dropouts come from inner city public schools where twenty-five percent are learning disabled. For years educators have been in search of the right reading approach, one that would meet the needs of all children. Since the early 1900’s we have switched from a sight approach, to a phonetic approach, linguistic, whole language, integrated, and now, a researched based, balanced approach. The No Child Left Behind Act has set a goal that by 2014, all children in the United States are to be proficient in reading. The dilemma lies in how this is to be accomplished even with this improved balanced approach.

Educational specialist, Addie Cusimano, shares her findings in her new book entitled, Learning Disabilities: There is a Cure which is based on her research, work and success with students from pre-school to college age, from learning disabled to gifted. Her preface is that all children from kindergarten to grade 3 should be taught specific learning skills, skills that are not a part of most basic elementary curriculums. These skills include the teaching of auditory memory (attention, listening and recall) and visual memory (visual recall of letters, numbers and words in isolation and in context). With the inclusion of specific learning skills within the curriculum, students who otherwise would be headed for failure would truly be prepared to learn, thus setting the stage for fewer and fewer drop-outs. Ms. Cusimano presents her answers to the No Child Left Behind Act, discusses approaches that work best, the importance of teaching specific learning skills, and offers many valuable teaching techniques and strategies. Her revised second edition adds two new chapters, the teaching of foreign languages and mathematics as well as updated details on the teaching of reading.

Written in an easy to read format, Ms. Cusimano book provides solutions for educators, parents and professionals while offering a refreshing and assured method for the solution to America’s serious academic concerns.

ISBN 9780972776271
189 pages

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