A Novel

by Paula Edwards

Meet Chancey. From the good looks and a charm that would make even a Christian girl fall to her knees, to the flamboyant lifestyle, thanks to his boy Rondell, one of the most successful drug dealers the Jordan Down Projects has ever seen, Chancey’s got it going on.

He’s young and promiscuous with an "I don’t care" attitude, so, many seem to think. But in actuality, Chancey has his head on straight and cares about more than one could ever imagine, starting with his baby sister Setchi. He takes on the responsibility of raising her, and goes through hell to keep her on the right track. He appreciates his best friend Kaylin, and promises to build a better future for the two of them one day. And Tia, he’s in love with her; she’s the only girl he’s willing to change for until Rondell steps in with a vengeance, on a mission to get rid of her, whatever the cost!

Chancey’s tired of his way of life and wants a change. But deep down inside, he’s insecure and hopeless, and feels unworthy of a better least that’s what his mother tells him. So instead of sitting around, harping over something he fears to be absolutely impossible, he puts on his mask and gives in to the streets, believing this is the only way he can survive.

ISBN 9780975563007
308 pages

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