by Kelvin K. King

After sharing a one year suspension, Charlotte, North Carolina's heartthrob policeman, Chancellor Long, is surprised to discover that he and his ex-lover, Jocelyn Wright, are both dispatched to the same crime scene. Chancellor's life has been drama-free of late, but betrayal, deceit, and revenge are imminently approaching.

As Chancellor completes a crime scene report, the stunning, cornrow-wearing, sassy-attitude-having, Raquel Knead appears in his life. Chancellor immediately falls for Raquel's intrigue and wit despite the fact that he is happily married to his innocent wife, Naomi. Chancellor's life unravels instantly and sends the solace he found in his marriage into a tailspin.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." In Chancellor's world, the plate is frozen solid. Will Chancellor Long manage to piece the fragments of his broken life back together?

ISBN 9780976575504
285 pages

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