by Jesse Mattson

Into the Den is a story about overcoming the hardships of coming of age in the 21st century where friends are dying young on the streets and in foreign lands; where questioning authority has become second nature; and where trouble can grow like a cancer offering little hope for the afflicted. Into the Den is the story of Sam Conway. At 19, Sam Conway has just graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall, a prestigious boarding school in Connecticut. Because of Sam s poor grades and even worse attitude, Sam s parents decide he needs an extra year at a post-graduate prep school to improve his options for attending college. They send Sam to Saint Jude Academy, a small boarding school in Maine for misguided youths. Sam fits right in. During the course of his year at Saint Jude, Sam s horrible past tries desperately to grab hold of his life while Sam fights to control the realities of his immediate situation in Maine. Eventually, Sam is forced to meet the challenge of his everyday routine of drugs, sex, and alcohol and grow stronger by gaining hard-won insights about truth and adversity. A note to be missed first novel by Author Jesse Mattson.

ISBN 9780979681622
208 pages

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