by Thomas Hudgin

This high-paced intrigue, skillfully woven by experienced pilot, sailor and retired Navy Commander, Tom Hudgin, will captivate adult and young adult readers.

Tom Hannaford finds mysterious lettering on a barnacle encrusted plank floating in the surf along a deserted North Carolina beach. With insatiable curiosity and after some questionable research, Tom convinces his friend, Chris, to fly with him in Tom's Cessna Cardinal on a leisurely vacation in the Bahamas near where, coincidentally, Tom suspects his message from the sea originated. When they decide to land to investigate remote Cat Island, they stumble upon a quite shocking discovery that sends them running for their very lives, using all their skills and cunning just trying to survive. A lovable thirteen year old island boy, who had hustled them at the George Town airport, then unexpectedly twists the plot to an exciting climax.

Those interested in flying will agree with Tom Benenson, editor of Flying Magazine who says "Rarely do authors, who include flying sequences in their novels, get it right. Tom Hudgin, in Incident at Cat Island, has filled his mystery/suspense novel with enough aviation details to keep any pilot happy."

ISBN 9780970910493
232 pages

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