by Aneta Montgomery

"The Hex of Captain Starfish" is the first book from a sequence of picture books for an age target of seven and up, which is the story of a captain and his crew that gets transformed from humans into funny looking creature by Lucifer's spell.

When Lucifer places the spell on Captain Starfish's crew and turns them into funny looking creatures, the metal star from Captain Starfish's cap pops off and turns to live. Then, with each step it grows taller and taller.

At some point in time, a teenager Gabriel finds a magical sword on the beach that transports him to the island of Captain Starfish, where he starts his journey of numerous breathtaking adventures with his new unusual friends.

Next, Gabriel and his friends are forced to find their strength and courage to pass through a sequence of tests and barriers to accomplish their goals by: passing a dangerous suspended rope bridge, pass through the "Bone Yard," help some illegal new friends to pass the border back to Mexico, get out from a cave that was sprung as a trap, confront the scary and intimidating "Saguaro Cactuses" and rescue the their babies from Lucifer.

At last, they go to "No Man" island, where they retrieve a chest and have their battle with the malicious Lucifer.

ISBN 9780615210056
56 pages

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