The True Columbus

by William H. Brown

There is scarcely a person alive who has not been possessed of a youthful urge to do something different, to accomplish what has not been done before, a thing about which other only dream, and to make that urge a reality, bringing fame and fortune to one's family, and helping one's fellow beings lead a better life. In a sense, a bit of CC resides in all of us.

The author humbly invites fellow writers and readers, thinkers all, to help bring into focus one of the most fascinating men of history, and pay him the homage he is due for deeds that opened the door for a truly global world. Someday the plays, dramas, novels, and cinematic versions of CC and his contributions to the world will make more sense to all who seek the truth and do not blindly kowtow to the fashionable interpretation of the day prejudiced by the context of contemporary standards foisted on the uniformed by supposed authorities and temporary arbitrers of the sacred truth.

ISBN 9780982298510
91 pages

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