by Ashton Greer

As the liberal principles upon which the nation was built give way to conservative forces bent on concentrating power in the hands of the few, this novel sketches a picture of a corporate government determined to repeal our rights, degrade our environment, silence our voices, and sacrifice our children to a new oppressive world order.

Shedding light on this dark picture is Peter Freton, a well-read young man who grew up in California and worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa and a teacher in Japan. He has returned to Arizona to stay with his parents, enroll his children in school, find work, buy a house, and unbeknownst to himself confront the depraved values he began criticizing after the 2000 election. Peter Freton, the critical thinking instructor, criticizes the right by evoking the liberal principles of equality, fairness, liberty, open-mindedness, and freedom; his voice replete with an understanding of life and human nature is disparaged and sometimes ignored. The Good American is both intimate and global, a vivid and moving account of a young man's battle against the establishment and his discovery of what it means to be a human being.

ISBN 9780967118710
212 pages

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