by Carol Fenster, Ph.D.

Imagine a crusty French bread that’s ready in 1 hour! Or a pie crust that rolls out like a dream! Or light and fluffy Biscuits that rise beautifully!

Food like this is not only possible, with this latest cookbook from Carol Fenster’s gluten-free test kitchen—it’s downright easy! Carol uses the latest in gluten-free culinary techniques (e.g., bread baking that begins in a cold oven) and incorporates several shortcuts that minimize time in the kitchen.

Recipes use the newest flour blends and nutritious, “fiberful” flours (e.g., sorghum or almond flour) to produce recipes that delight the most discerning palates. Clear, easy-to-follow directions cater to beginning cooks. There are sections on culinary terms, setting up a gluten-free kitchen, and how to use bread machines.

This lady knows gluten-free cooking! Gluten-free herself, she travels around the world with her gluten-free message. Such as a gluten-free culinary tour to Tuscany, Italy, and holding seminars on gluten-free flours in Tokyo, Japan. She develops gluten-free products for manufacturers such as Bob’s Red Mill and consults with companies and patients on the gluten-free diet. See her on “Food for Life” on the Health Network.

ISBN 9781889374086
196 pages

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