The Bad Science Behind the United Nations' Assertion that Man-Made CO2 causes Global Warming

by Ralph B. Alexander

Have you ever wondered why so many people believe recent climate change is almost entirely the result of human activity, even when there's plenty of evidence to the contrary? It's because the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says so.

This compact, readable book pulls apart the flawed science behind the IPCC's assertion that man-made CO2 is causing global warming. Author Ralph Alexander exposes the IPCC's deceptive manipulation of climate data, the roadblocks for the CO2 hypothesis favored by climate change alarmists, and the failed predictions of computer climate models.

Dr. Alexander goes on to examine the consequences of the erroneous, but widespread belief that CO2 emissions need to be drastically curbed for the health of the planet. His analysis shows the folly of carbon trading schemes for regulating CO2, together with common illusions about renewable energy sources. The enormous economic cost of cap-and-trade systems squanders our resources on a problem that doesn't even exist.

ISBN 9780984098903
178 pages

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