by Melvin J. Gravely, II Ph.D.

Mel Gravely, the popular author of, When Black and White Make Green and The Lost Art of Entrepreneurship, is back with Getting to the Next Level. The book is full of the real lessons learned from the most successful minority business owners, the corporations that are most committed and the communities that truly understand their role in growing successful diverse businesses. Getting to the Next Level is direct, candid and at times challenging. The book makes no excuses, places no blame and finally makes the path to success clear. If you want to get to the next level this book will show you what it takes including answers to important questions like:
Why is access essential but not sufficient?
What are the two ultimate indicators of long-term business success?
What lies in the trap of minority business programs?
What is the most important element of business capability?
How do you build effective business relationships?
Getting to the Next Level is a business parable with many characters you will recognize and others you will enjoy meeting. The pace is quick and the solutions are practical. This book holds the key to getting to the next level of thinking, expectation and business opportunity. A must read for diverse firms and those who hope to understand our common goal to be competitive.

ISBN 9780965619493
111 pages

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