Effortlessly energetic and lean - a practical owner's manual for the body

by Debi Waldeck

If you think staying young and vibrant is complicated or expensive, think again! Knowledge is gold. Donít miss this opportunity to connect the dots and understand why and how the body becomes toxic and tired. Avoid the pitfalls and become fit and fabulous, effortlessly! Effectively achieving universal healthcare is impossible until: The nation agrees on the definition of optimal health and who is ultimately responsible for personal health. The current medical definition of primary healthcare changes. We agree that optimal health is not a life on medications maintaining chronic disease. School systems act as a platform exemplifying health living principles. In 2005, 24% of pharmaceutical revenue was spent on marketing and only 13% on research. Why?

"In this review, I can only just begin to summarize the many valuable discussions provided in Forever Young and Vibrant. Grab your copy today! Itís like an instruction manual to live your life by so you can start to feel as good as you have always deserved; as good as God intended from the beginning for you to feel." -Dr. Tyler Tischler

ISBN 9781890427535
433 pages

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