by Susan C. Anthony

Today's students are bombarded by information, as are all of us in this fast-changing world. Squeezing more and more content into the curriculum each year is not the answer. The challenge of the future is to nurture lifelong learners by providing them with a strong framework of basic knowledge and the skills to find facts fast, evaluate them critically and utilize them creatively. The Facts Plus Activity Book, companion to the award-winning Facts Plus: An Almanac of Essential Information, is filled with fun and challenging activities to get students in grades 3 and above "hooked" on reference books. But finding facts is just part of the fun! Using them to graph, discern patterns, generalize and predict shows students that facts have a purpose. Finding them is just the first step! Author Susan C. Anthony is a veteran teacher who understands the constraints under which educators work. She's tested these activities in her classroom and refined them to provide maximum value with minimum investment of time and materials. Susan received a Distinguished Teaching Achievement Award from the National Council of Geographic Education in 1992.

ISBN 9781879478114
182 pages
Spiral Bound

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