How to Promote Your Forensic Practice In a Professional and Cost-Effective Manner

by Rosalie Hamilton

The Expert Witness Marketing Book describes how to build or increase a client base of attorneys and insurance personnel.

Defines the specific professional approach required for the legal market
Offers guidance on management issues such as fee setting and contracts
Teaches the skill of networking
Translates the cyber babble of Internet marketing
Identifies avenues of free publicity and promotion
Explains how to compose a brochure, publish a newsletter and create advertisements
Contains an extensive Resources section with lists of conferences, publications and attorney organizations

This book has "something for everyone." For the would-be expert, it's a panoramic preview of the arena and the players. For the practicing expert striving to grow, it's the operational manual of protocol, strategy and logistics. For the seasoned expert it's the checklist for validating performance and fine-tuning skills. -Anne Galvi, M.D.

ISBN 9780972323734
264 pages

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