by Celeste

ENCHANTED FAIRYLAND is a magical adventure story about the brother and sister traveling team of Sphinx and Trevi Monje.

Sphinx and Treviís archeologist father and history professor mother spend as much time with their offspring as they can. But when their work demands their full attention, the Monje family calls on Marseille ó wise companion and caretaker to the children.

In this adventure, Sphinx and Trevi are accompanied by Marseille on a glorious summer journey to Ireland. The trip stimulates Treviís imagination as they explore the beautiful but harsh Irish countryside. When Trevi drifts off to sleep over a favorite storybook about fairies, she is confronted with alarming images of a young boy urgently warning her of something. Confused and distraught by her dreams, she shares them with her companions. The threesome ventures out into the ancient woods and they soon discover whether or not Treviís instincts were right. Suddenly their modern lives come face to face with a new and unexpected world they never could have anticipated.

The storyís focus on friendship, the overwhelming impulse to protect those we care for, and our need for dreams and magic help bring alive the story


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