by Arnold P. Goetzke

Eating The Hand That Feeds U.S. is a book that:

Reminds us of a time when America built 66 percent of the Worlds goods, 75 percent of the worlds automobiles, and displayed a pride and prosperity that was the envy of every nation - The Nifty Fifties.

Portrays the de-Americanization of the U.S. manufacturing industry through the activities at DaimlerChrysler. A company that was once a part of the American social and economic solution - Chrysler - has become a global company that is a big part of the problem - Daimler.

Provides specific actions that must be taken to stop the global economy from creating a crisis economy in America. Unless these actions are taken, more people will lose health benefits, pension benefits, homes, jobs, and families. These are not signs of a growing and prosperous society, they are signs of a country manufacturing its demise.

ISBN 9780978682903
344 pages

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