by Alex Konanykhin

And you think you've got it rough? Young, wealthy, powerful and prominent one day and a robbed fugitive with a KGB contract out on his head the next, so has gone the life of Alex Konanykhin. Like they said it on 60 Minutes, "Alex Konanykhin didn't only have KGB after him" He had the FBI, the Justice Department, even the CIA all on his case, as a favor to the Russians, part of a deal to allow the FBI to keep a bureau in Moscow. And while you may have heard a bit about the chaos and danger faced by Alex and his wife Elena on 60 Minutes, CNN and FOX News, you now have the chance to experience the thrill of their misadventures first hand in Alex's page turner, Defiance. While the plot is as twisted as any international paperback novel, this is the real McCoy every bit of it a true story.

ISBN 9780972737715
240 pages

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