by Dr. Mark Svetcos

Compulsion is the compelling true story of the climactic downfall and the enlightening regeneration of one human. This powerful account of devastation and ruin provides a truthful, introspective, and real-life example of how destructive thoughts, blaming others, lack of self-responsibility, passive decision-making and ego-based living steal your life away second by second. Compulsion is not just a gut-wrenching personal story of loss. It reveals the power in all of us to create a conscious, purpose-driven life. It stimulates self-introspection and the opportunity to draw parallels to our own lives. You have the power to eradicate all types of compulsions and self-sabotaging behavior by taking responsibility. Compulsion details how you can dynamically recreate your life to make your ideals part of your everyday existence. Each chapter contains relevant and powerful action techniques to inspire you. Begin the journey now and experience the true nature of your profound life!

ISBN 9781890427092
432 pages

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