by Stephana I. Colbert & Valerie I. Harrison

Color Him Father: Stories of Love and Rediscovery of Black Men is both a tribute to and a celebration of Black fathers. Seeking more positive, balanced images of African-American men than the news media seems to allow, the editors embarked on a journey to collect true, anecdotal narratives about Black fathers from those who love them. While the attention of the news media is often on Black men who struggle on the one hand, and on the superstar athletes and entertainers on the other, Color Him Father adds our everyday heroes to the landscape - the countless Black men, despite the legacy of slavery and racism, are responsible, committed leaders in their homes and their communities. In these stories, authors share intimate and loving secrets that paint a portrait of Black men as productive role models. What emerges is a message of hope, for Black children and Black families.

The 36 contributing authors represent a diverse assortment of children, mates and friends of all ages and stations in life, and include noted authors, Clifton Taulbert, Stephanie Stokes Oliver, and Venise Berry; Lawrence Douglas Wilder, Jr., son of former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder; and leading theologian and author Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

The depth and breadth of these wonderful stories - some tender, other raw-present all the different "colors" of Black fathers, and will inspire, move, and make the reader smile. Simply put, the reader will enjoy a good book.

ISBN 9780977841875
248 pages

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