Life Coaching Stories and Tips For Transforing Lives

by Georgia Shaffer

In Coaching the Coach, more than 45 professionals in christian coaching share their wisdom through stories and practical tips. As a coach, pastor, lay leader, or someone interested in coaching, you'll find helpful ideas from key leaders such as Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend, Dwight Bain - Executive Director of International Christian Coaching Assoc., Christopher McCluskey - founder Professional Christian Coaching Institue, Dr. Tom Clinton - founder, CEO, and publisher of Christian Coaching Today, David martin - Success Coach at Joel Osteen's church, Dr. Katie Brazelton - founder of Lofe Purpose Coaching, Dr. Linda Mintle, Jerome Daley, Kim Avery, Shannon Ethridge, Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, Leslie Vernick, and many more.

ISBN 9780985356323
293 pages

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