by Robert F. Whelan

If you're searching for adventure and need an uplifting sport that provides the ultimate in personal freedom, let Robert F. Whelan introduce you to Cloud Dancing. The closest thing to truly being as free as a bird, piloting a glider is not as difficult as you might think.

-Historic Reasons for Pursuing the Sport of Soaring
-What to Expect on Your First Flight
-How to Dance with the Clouds
-How to Obtain a Pilot's License for Gliders
-How to Achieve Recognition in the Gliding Community
-A History of Gliding as a Sport
-A Commentary on the Sport Today
-What You Need to Know About Various Sailplanes
-What You Need to Know About the Gliding Community
-The Exciting Tale of "Wilderness Doug"
-Answers to Ten Common Questions About Soaring
-A Glossary of Common Soaring Terms
-A Suggested Reading List

ISBN 9781568250250
169 pages

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