by Ron MacLean

Cole is a cyberthief on the run, trying to evade the authorities long enough to ruin his former employer and redeem his reputation. Joanna's got a runaway son and a guilty conscience and she's running hard from a truth about her boy that she'd rather not learn.
With a Winnebago at their disposal and the American West to roam, the pair - friends since college 20 years before - make their way to an abandoned drive-in movie theater in Southern California. There they have visions of starting over, amid ten movie screens which display projections of their lives and their culture - from snippets of "High Noon" and "Butch Cassidy," to the Village People leading an aerobics class, to Siskel and Ebert "reviewing" their lives. There they also meet, and befriend, a holograph of Cowboy King Gene Autry.

But starting over is never easy. Cole discovers a private detective closing in on him, Joanna finds she can't easily escape the ties of motherhood, and the two find their friendship tested in the California desert.

ISBN 9780974428819
283 pages

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