by Julie Hill, Whitney Keeler and Hannah Butler

The Bliss Book is an inspirational guide for brides, stylists, and women of all ages. If you're looking for a style for your formal event or your wedding, this is your source. If you're a stylist, this is the perfect "look book" for inspiration as well as a guide for your clients. Each page is simple; the styles are thoughtful, up-to-date, and focus only on the hair and make-up. Each style is classic and offers a wide range of looks for your next event. The Bliss Book is printed as a soft cover book and with over 150 pages and 80 hairstyles to choose from. Bliss is the new age of "look books," and we proudly present it to you. *The Bliss Book pictures within the book will not contain logos as seen on the example pictures listed.

ISBN 9780578011769
151 pages

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