by Paul Dugliss

This book provides an understanding of the vast potential we hold for creating health from within. Healing is not the purview of doctors and nurses it is the power inherent in each of us, hidden deep in the essence of our beings. This truth is understood in the timeless knowledge of health known as Ayurveda. The mother of all the natural medicines, Ayurveda loosely translated means the knowledge of longevity or the truth of life. In this unique introduction to the truth of life,the power of consciousness contained in the healing art of ancient India is brought to the fore.

Ayurveda The Power to Heal provides a modern framework for understanding the profundity of this ancient medicine. It clearly explains how Ayurveda utilizes diverse techniques from Yoga and meditation to herbs and aromas, in a comprehensive, coherent, and effective manner.

While modern medicine focuses on managing and treating disease, Ayurveda emphasizes promoting health. While allopathic medicine depends increasingly on specialists, Ayurveda places in your hands, the power to control your health and your destiny. The understanding of this system of medicine, as brought forth in this distinctive work, gives you a secret window into your own amazing capability the power to heal.

ISBN 9780972123310
154 pages

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