How You Can Solve any Perceived Problems of Myths When Investing!

by Paul V. Xavier

We've all seen the infomercials and listened to their "You can have it all" message of how much money can easily be made investing in real estate. Most of us think it's a gimmick and switch the channel; we're afraid that buying the special kit is just a scam or at least a waste of money. Least believable are the claims that we can make a fortune with no money down. I've been as skeptical as the next person about investing in real estate. Then I read Paul Xavier's Answering the "What IF's" in Real Estate and my understanding of how real estate investing can make you financially independent changed drastically.

Paul Xavier does not offer a get rich quick scheme. In fact, he makes it clear that investing in real estate is not that simple, although by following the steps in this book, I believe it is a lot easier than one might initially suspect. And Xavier does show you how to start investing with no money down by helping other investors to find property. Bottom line, whether you are a skeptic or a believer, a beginner or already a real estate investor, Answering the "What IF's" in Real Estate answers every possible question you could ever have about real estate investing.

ISBN 9781935586036
291 pages

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