by John Behrman, M. D.

Four Decades With Animals -- Dr. John Behrman wasn't allowed pets as a child, but he made up for lost time when he and his wife Marilyn began their love affair with pets. They began with Dalmatian and other dog breeds, and they added lizards, birds, turtles, cats and even a rare Zebronkey. Dr. Behrman's Animal Chronicles is replete with his anecdotes, observations of animal behavior, and practical information about canine medical conditions and their treatments. Meet the Players: King (the Spangled Sovereign of Sirius), Rani (a baked potato cowdog), Sybil (mouser and weathergirl), Dutchess (hair guardian), Ze (a zebra deebra), Bigboy (the noble prince), Coco (the big cheese), Maxwell (altered ego), Cheyenne (flying colors), Jazz (a dignified dal), Casey (a harlequin romantic), Stella (singer and critter hunter), and Henry (one of many others).

ISBN 9781568250748
104 pages

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