by Susi Beatty & Keri Gunter

Angie the Ant had always dreamed of freedom. She was born in captivity, but she knew that one day, she would find a way out. All her life, she had heard about the Bumblebee Tree. How she longed to live in the peaceful realm of Antamar, which lay just beyond the tree's mighty trunk

Thus begins the first adventure of Angie the Ant. Her desire to free her people turns into a brave quest to save the Bumblebee Tree from the evil Queen Sadina, ruler of the Fleavils.

Join Angie and her newfound friends, Frankie the Blue Heron and Prince Bartlebee, as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Together, they work to save the day in a classic story of good versus evil.

Based on the first novel of the Chronicles of Antamar series, this enchanting story, Angie the Ant and the Bumblebee Tree , will delight children and adults alike, as it sets the stage for many adventures to come.

ISBN 9780977365302
30 pages

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