by Lee Seigfried with Capt. Arthur S. Jensen, U.S. Navy (retired)

The Persian Gulf Jeopardy explores the clash of cultures in a high powered narrative set on the stage of international politics. The treatment of females in the armed services and in the Muslim world fuels this fast paced drama as two female naval officers with engineering backgrounds find themselves involuntarily thrust into servitude in a remote mountain sheikdom. This peek into the world of such a thoroughly male dominated society is eye-opening and thought-provoking. The novel unflinchingly details the duties of women as members of a harem who are expected to perform practical tasks during the day and satisfy pleasures of the flesh at night. The adventures of Lieutenant Alice Stephenson and Ensign Barbara Jason carry them to the races, Paradise Oasis, the castle of love, an island in the Red Sea, and the mysterious and ancient stone city of Petra al Hazir.

ISBN 9780979140105
301 pages

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