A Novel

by Tony Longoria

Virginia "Peaches" Melendez was born in 1944 during the rise of East L.A.'s most violent gang culture. She climbs the ranks as one of the barrios toughest "Homegirls". Violence, robbery, drug dealing and even murder became her tools to gain money, power, respect and affection within the barrios where fear, intimidation and control mean the difference between life and death. The never-ending cycle of violence takes its toll on this young woman┐s heart. She watches as friends, neighbors and the first man she loved are killed simply because they come from different barrios. Peaches faces a difficult choice: continue the cycle or denounce the violence. It would mean taking a stand against the barrio. Her new message of "We are one gente." would overcome years of fear and hatred. It would change her and the barrio forever. A rich and deeply layered story of historical fiction which will touch the hearts of Latinos and urban citizens of all races.

ISBN 9780974975849
352 pages

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