One Soul's Journey Through Time

by Bonnie Ann Gilchrist, D.Div.

If you believe in Angels, you'll love this book! If you don't believe in Angels, you will! From the gates of Folsom Prison, where her son is locked away as a "lifer," Dr. Bonnie Ann Gilchrist is lifted up and carried forward through frightening challenges, "not by one moment of vivid enlightenment, but bit by bit, like finding pieces of a puzzle" as well as "in strange and subtle ways through faith and answered prayer." Discover with Bonnie Ann the revealing answers and help she found in: underlying causes for childhood hyperactivity and abnormal behavior, alternative healing for cancer, and help for depression and other bodily ills. Explore with her amazing examples of personal proof throughout her life on the enigmatic questions of: Life after death, a Near-Death Experience and her son's "return" to accurately describe his own violent death!

ISBN 9781568250236
580 pages

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