by Gerald R. Baron

Now your reputation can be attacked by anyone, anywhere, at any time, day or night, and if you try to fight 21st-century battles with 20th-century tactics, you’re dead. It’s a new “post-media” world. You need a new blueprint for crisis management communications that reflects your constituents demands for unprecedented speed, directness and accuracy. In Now Is Too Late2, completely revised and updated with two new chapters, Gerald R. Baron shows how to build response mechanisms that take full advantage of electronic communications - from email to Web and blogs - that can spring into effective action in a heartbeat. You will learn how to build “reputation equity” that will be available when you need it most, how to survive crises through clear thinking and careful strategy, and what to do after the crisis to recover and strengthen your reputation. You have more adversaries and more risk factors than ever before, but you also have new technologies and allies. Now Is Too Late2 shows how to mobilize your advantages, regain the initiative and come away stronger than ever!

ISBN 9780615132037
259 pages

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